Insolvency Consulting


We support the company’s continuing operations phase by providing a conceptual design of managerial accounting, controlling, and reporting systems.

We support the insolvency administrator by preparing the insolvency plan and monitoring the fulfilment of the approved plan on his/her behalf. To manage the company, we determine the premises, subject these to an ongoing check, and continually adjust the prognoses.

We guide and instruct the company’s employees in insolvency-specific handling of accounting issues. By providing instructions on the correct dealing with accounts receivable, accounts payable and fixed assets accounts, we establish the foundation for a clear separation of transactions prior and subsequent to the initiation of insolvency proceedings. Thus we avoid additional manual activities or unnecessary, purely technical, bookkeeping corrections at later stages.

For us, personal and dedicated support is the key to success to ensure the smooth continuation and settlement of the insolvency proceedings.


Concentration through Cooperation

Securing the company’s still remaining assets in times of crisis, satisfying the creditors’ claims in the best possible way, retaining the employees’ jobs and identifying ways of ensuring that the company can continue or, possibly wind up its liquidation or even restructure its business: all of these activities require a high level of experience and know-how on the part of the insolvency administrator.

Here, the scope for creative approaches and even unconventional strategies may not be limited by the effort that has to be invested in declaratory routine paperwork.

We can offer you qualified counselling and support so as to relieve the insolvency administrator’s burden. We ensure the efficient handling of the managerial accounting and controlling and, taking into account the restructuring of the company, we lay the foundation for the economically sound continuation of operations.

The earlier on we become involved, the greater the degree of assistance we can provide. Regardless, even in the event of proceedings already being at an advanced stage, we are still able to have a positive influence.

Our offering is uniquely focussed on cooperation with the insolvency administrator. This allows both sides to concentrate on their core competences.


Expert Opinions

We have the experience and expertise in preparing appraisals or expert opinions for questions relating to tax, commercial, and corporate law.

Our main focus lies on reporting and documenting the facts of the matter while considering the basis of the claim based on corporate and civil law. We therefore document the basis for enforcing your claims in extra-judicial or legal proceedings.

Our know-how is also available for expert opinions on questions concerning the right of appeal with regard to the point in time of over-indebtedness, hidden profit distributions, unauthorized withdrawals by shareholders/partners, or improper business management.


Human Resources Management

A team of specialists takes over the organization and ongoing settlement of the human resources department for the insolvent company.

Depending on the given circumstance, we advise and support the existing staff members. If required, our services also extend to providing staff information and personnel planning. In the event of a shortage in staff, our employees can jump in immediately and fill any gaps that might exist.

We take care of ongoing payroll accounting and ensure the affected employees receive their wages and salaries in a timely manner in the course of the insolvency proceedings. On the basis of the information we obtain in the company, we prepare the data required for subsequent accounting and audits. When the time then comes, we duly and meticulously prepare the difficult maximum pay calculation, in accordance with the rules.

Our commitment to our work ethic and personal continuity are the key factors for ensuring the independence from personnel in the insolvent company.


Tax Representation

Our main focus is on the reduction of tax claims as insolvency claims. The inclusion of these claims against assets in the rest of the insolvent party’s liabilities must be avoided.

We conduct negotiations with the tax authorities or represent you in these matters, as well as during all stages of the tax audit and can also represent you in tax proceedings, be they of an extra-judicial nature, seeking remedy, or before any of the tax courts.

Our service comprises the preparation and filing of tax returns and the examination of tax assessments. We prepare the statement of insolvency status as well as interim and annual financial statements under commercial and tax law and prepare special balance sheets as required for settlement, liquidation or restructuring. This also includes the valuation of assets, as required.

We provide you high-quality, competent service that is based on comprehensive experience, gained in the course of settling numerous insolvency proceedings.


We support the Insolvency Administrator

In addition to many years of experience in handling insolvencies, our associates and employees are also extremely competent in tax and management consulting, in a great variety of industries.

Not only do we attend to the managerial and tax procedure issue, but also take care of the settling of human resource concerns. Our aim is to offer the insolvency administrator legal security with regard to taxes and, to the largest possible extent, avoid cases of liability in the course of the insolvency proceedings.

We are set up to handle your case independently, in a timely manner. Our support frees our partners from dealing with routine tax declarations and thus provides them with increased efficiency in their dealings with the courts and administrative authorities.