Auditing is more than the classic annual audit. Objective opinions, provided by CONSCIENTA auditors, increase the reliability of information for all decision-makers, regardless of whether for annual and consolidated financial statements or for special audits and certifications.

Companies or concerns of a particular size, as well as companies belonging to specific industrial sectors, are bound by law to have their financial statements audited annually. In addition, there are a large number of companies that have their annual financial state­ments audited by CONSCIENTA auditors on a completely voluntary basis, for their own safety and control purposes, or, e.g., for submission to credit institutes. You can rely on CONSCIENTA’s auditors in matters of:

Rely on:
  • Mandatory audits:
    Annual financial statements, consolidated financial reports and partially consolidated reports of companies pursuant to the German Commercial Code and other accounting standards
  • Other mandatory audits:
    Broker and building contractor ordinance
  • Voluntary audits:
    Annual financial statements of sole proprietorships, commercial partnerships, German Civil Code companies, associations, foundations
  • Appraisals:
    – Company valuations
    – Appraisals for all business, tax, and commercial law matters
  • Arbitration matters
  • Special audits:
    Special audits of interim financial reports and special reports on the basis of company foundings, change in ownership/partners, reorganizations, mergers, asset transfers, disputes, liquidations, settlements, and insolvency proceedings.
  • Dissolutions
  • Participation during liquidation proceedings
  • Custodial transfer of ownership interests