Franz-Josef Seidler

Franz-Josef Seidler
"The right route leads to success."

  • Attorney at law
  • Specialist lawyer for labour law

According to the lawyer Franz-Josef Seidler, economic success is the result of harmonious interaction between a company and its employees. As a specialist for labour law he is responsible for creating a conflict-free relationship regarding the labour law aspects; counselling both companies and employees, as well as representing them before court in issues pertaining to labour law.

A further focal point of his expertise is the commercial and private rental law as well as contract-for-work law, in which case he represents the interests of artisan companies. In matters regarding home ownership, Franz-Josef Seidler supports his clients in purchase and sale, as well as assisting them in safeguarding their property ownership rights.

Moreover, he also ensures the management of real estate if, on the basis of his appointment as a sequestrator, this is required by law.

As a member of the board of the “Anwaltskammer Frankfurt am Main” Franz-Josef Seidler is involved in promoting efficient political professions.

Franz-Josef Seidler joined our legal practice in 2001.


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„The right way leads to success.“